Department of Aerospace Engineering at Sharif University of Technology initiated its degree programs in 1987 as the Aerospace Engineering Group, part of the Mechanical Engineering Department. In 1999, the Aerospace Group separated from the Mechanical Engineering Department and continued its activities as an independent department.

According to the general SUT philosophy, the faculties in aerospace engineering are a selected group from the world's most prestigious universities providing an atmosphere of expertise and collaboration that is unparalleled in other universities. Our faculty works closely with those in mechanical engineering, applied physics, and electrical engineering.
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اخبار دانشكده                                                    «آرشيو اخبار»

تقدیر از 4 پايان‌نامه برتر و 7 پایان‌نامه منتخب فارغ‌التحصيلان دانشكده در سال 93    92/12/21    شرح خبر

انتصاب دکتر امیر مردانی به سمت معاون دانشجویی و فرهنگی دانشکده    92/12/20    شرح خبر

تقدیر از 3 پايان‌نامه برتر و 6 پایان‌نامه منتخب فارغ‌التحصيلان دانشكده در سال 92    92/12/17    شرح خبر

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